Vendy Methodos


In 2018, MCC had an honor to do a collaboration with Vendy Methodos, a muralist/street artist, who stays and actively works in Yogyakarta. In the world of street art, Vendy is one of the most productive artists, working on walls and public objects as a way to interact with society.

Through his works that are inspired by anxiety, politics, cynicism, and social skepticism, Vendy hopes to invite people to reflect on a life that sometimes escapes human consciousness itself. Often collaborating with many street artists, Vendy’s name becomes increasingly known not only in Indonesia, but also among international street artists.

In this collaboration, however, Vendy didn’t throw his usual satires.  He shared his feelings towards an activity that he found meditative and liberating: cycling.

Through his work called  ‘FASTER THAN YOUR FATE,’ he conveyed how he enjoys cycling to break free from boredom or negativity he sometimes feels.  “A static and boring abience would significantly affect me in working.  Therefore, whenever I feel bored or am off-mood, I always go cycling to enjoy the city of Jogyakarta and see its hustle and bustle of the people.”


For him, riding is recharging. “Besides to the city, I like riding to the rural area, the hills, and the forest.  It really makes me relaxed and gives me a new energy for getting back to work.  The sounds of insects buzzing, chirping, and squeeking to one another only make the ambience beautiful and calm. The greenery makes me joyfully ride my bike even farther and gives me new hopes.” Respect the past and embrace your bicycle, he said. “Don’t let your bike idle and turn into a rusty accessory in your garage.  Go ride your bike wherever you want to go!”

Is he still as passionate about cycling?  Let’s find out in the chat below.

Mas Vendy Methodos, is that your real name?

No, Vendy Methodos is my signature for any works I do in the studio.  For public spaces, I go by the name  Methodos.

Who is this Vendy Methodos? Why did you choose to be a ‘Satire Thrower’?

I’m an art enthusiast and a cyclist, who likes to see people at work and likes to observe people telling a story. Satire Thrower is a manifestation of satirical and sarcastic pieces or messages in Methodos’ artworks.  I have always liked artworks with punching satirical texts or messages very much.  For me, texts or scripts are important in an artwork, not only do they strengthen the visual. Texts or scripts can be the bridge for the audience to understand the message of an art work better.

Many of your works are black and white.  Do black and white have a certain meaning to you?

Yes, some of my works are black and white.  The colors of black and white to me do have a special meaning. They are the symbols of duality of the world.

Who would be the most influencing figure for Methodos?

The universe and its matters.

What is your first memory of creating mural and where?

In 2006, I once painted a mural in a storage building of a university in Jogya.  At that time, I went by the street name “STALKER”.  While painting, I was wearing a fashionable branded trousers belonging to a friend of mine, an alas, the trousers were stained by paint hehe

Impacts, reactions or dialogs that you are hoping to happen, every time you release a piece?

Hmmm.. the expectation would be them (audience)  getting the message I convey through my works, getting the energy, and being able to experience an emotional moment after seeing my works.

Ever experienced a creative block?

I have..for months I didn’t produce any piece, once.

Do you now still have time to ride, or you ride even more intense now?

I do, and yes, more intense now, probably because my bike is now more convenient hehe

Do you prefer riding solo or with friends?

Solo, because I feel free to go exploring and need not to have many considerations

Do you have a bike community mas? Can you tell us a little about it?

Bagera Cycle Mafia is my first bike community, the members are old friends from varied professional backgrounds. The other one is Stray  Cyclists Team, this is my new bike community, most of the members are art professionals.

Do you think bicycles or cycling have a role in your art activity mas?

A significant one.  After working all day, cycling in the evening or night wil recharge my energy and my mood.

Cycling is being a trend nowadays, how do you see that trend?

I like it, many would go cycling now and that would reduce air pollution.  But new cyclists I think need to get more education on how to ride safely within the traffic rules, and this trend is also good for cycling trade, if you have old bikes for sale, for example.

Tell us a little please about how your collaboration with MCC started, and do you regret it?

MCC sent a DM to my Instagram asking me if I was interested to do a collaboration project with MCC.  Without waiting for a count or a lightning strike, I instantly answered: yes! MCC is concerned about cycling world, and cycling is my other activity beside art.  No regret, of course; regret is when you go cycling, it’s hot like hell on your way home.. hahaha

How do you feel about trusting your work to be displayed in a non-art finished product?

Excited! I like it when my work is applied in new media other than walls, batik fabrics, canvas and paper.

Do you have words of wisdom that you are willing to give to the budding artists?

Keep making artworks and let the universe do its part.

Oiyaa I forgot one thing.  My real name is Tri Nur Efendi.

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