As an Indie Band, The Adams is already under the leading lights of the independent music scene.  Ario Hendarwan (vocals, guitar), Saleh Husein (vocals, guitar), Gigih Suryo Prayogo (vocals, drums), Pandu Fathoni (vocals, bass) and Ghina Salsabila (keyboards, vocals) are responsible for the band’s crunching guitars, sweet harmonies, memorable melodies and relatable lyrics.

Formed in 2002 on the grounds of the Jakarta Institute of Arts, they gained commercial success and critical acclaim for their first and second albums, The Adams (2005) and v2.05 (2006).

The third album -Agterplaas- however, is different. Thirteen years hiatus inevitably brought some changes. One of them is the birth of The Adams Cycling Crüe! Having two members that are keen cyclists and the rest being cyclists-in-the-making, the Adams starts The Adam Cycling Crüe and produces special merch.

Cycling, they believe, must be recognized as a culture, not just a sport. In cycling, individualism and collectivism are both found and celebrated. One can see it as a viable or healthy means of transportation. Other can see it as an identity; cycling is themselves on wheels.

It is for that reason that The Adams Cyling Crüe and MCC release this collaboration project, an interpretation of the Agterplaas visuals, previously conceptualize by Kemalreza Gibranos of WoofJKT.

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While their music in the album is unsurprisingly acceptable,  the visual design is also an undeniably work of art.  Gibran, the visual conceptor wanted this come-back album serves more than just a music album; it should offer an artwork worth being displayed. Fascinated by lenticular printing, Gibran saw that the nature of lenticular effects fits the images of The Adams’ musicalities: multi-layered, playful, distorted-yet-harmonized.

And with those characters in mind, MCC is honored to have a chance to interpret the Agterplaas visuals into this Collaboration Series, as a part of The Adams’s Special Merch. The Illusions.

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