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Woof Jakarta. Initially birthed as a blog, this laid-back-yet-loud movement was founded by Kemalreza Gibranos and Aprilia Apsari in February 2010. Its establishment was meant to preserve local culture and to display the founders’ deep fondness for cycling. Their tagline –as we quoted from Gibran – is ‘dig the scene, make your own product and artwork, and don’t forget to put some fun between your legs’.

When social media were scarce back then, Woof Jakarta was one of the rare platform sources for cycling and art enthusiasts. Their original content ranged from cycling, music, contemporary arts to photography.

Our collaboration with Gibran started with a talk in 2016. What we remember most about those initial talks is that Gibran is ever passionate about reliving cycling scenes. He firmly believes that all cyclists and all cycling-related industries must do something more. Cyclists must do something more than riding their bikes; industries must do something more than marketing their products for cyclists. 

Give back, and you’ll get more. That’s what he continues telling others. And that’s one of the reasonings that influences MCC to happily involve in cycling scenes.

Taking more than three years, the project finally came into view. In this collab, woofjkt is taking us back to the memory lane of iconic Jakarta’s modes of transport. One might have a mixed feeling about them: hilarious, a bit traumatic, yet nostalgic nevertheless.

Koperasi Angkutan Jakarta (KOPAJA) was officially launched in 1978 by Governor Tjokropranolo to be one of the public tranpsort providers. Kopaja  was very often found carrying passengers well over its capacity. It was also doubled by the fact that the fleet was far from safe.⁣

They were physically unfit to run, the speedometers weren’t working, and the steering wheels looked miserable. The drivers loved to speed and  were highly ignorant of traffic regulations, making them hazardous. Their famed jest was ‘Sekarang Bayar, Besok Gratis’ (today you pay, tomorrow it’s free)⁣

Presiden Taksi was Jakarta’s first ‘yellow cab’. The fleet roamed Jakarta streets during the 70’s through 90’s, earning the spot as the most favorable taxi company.⁣

Unfortunately, the fame is diminishing and gone now, they’re no longer operating.⁣

It was due to their notable ‘Argo Kuda – Horse Meter’, the drivers ilegally speeded up the meters, and their dilapidated cars that cost them to lose business competition over other taxi companies.⁣

MetroMini was first introduced in 1962 by Jakarta’s Governor Soemarno. Its initial shape resembled a loaf of bread with its puffy front.⁣

Jakarta citizens would also reminisced abt MetroMini from its comical stickers of various subjects, tacked all over its interior and exterior – prayers, sexual jokes, route code and mostly trend-mocking, such as An3dis (Anti Gadis – anti girls), The Me Is Three (Demi Istri – for the sake of the wife), Be Are The Kill Us All Come Fuck (Biar Dekil Asal Kompak – filthy yet united), Janda Baru Nenen (Juanda-Ps.Baru-Senen).⁣

Perusahaan Pengangkutan Penumpang Djakarta (PPD) was established in 1920, under the name Bataviach Elektrische Tram Maatschappij – BVNMV. Following Japan occupation from 1942 to 1945, the name changed into Djakarta Shinden Jakarta Tram.⁣

A day after Indonesia proclaimed its Independence, a number of Djakarta Shinden employees and supported by Pemuda Menteng  31 urged Japanese government to immediately handover the company to Indonesian new goverment.⁣

Since then, Perum PPD is one of state-owned enterprises under the Ministry of Transport that has witnessed this nation’s walk of history.⁣

We recently had a chance to chat with Gibran, as you can enjoy below.

Have you ever though of changing lane outside art?

Nope.. haha.. for example is during my high school’s time, many of my friends didn’t know what to study next. But I was probably the most chilled, because even since I was a kid, I knew what I wanted to become.. well, thanks to my family.

Favorite artist or piece of art?

I have a lot of favorite artists.. but I have some names that I think produce special pieces such as Piet Parra, Stevie Gee and my own father 🙂

What do you think of the recent trend of collaboration between art x industry? Especially in cycling world.

I think this recent trend of collaboration is intensely growing.. since both parties are opening up themselves for every opportunity of it. –

So to me, seeing the collabs projects growing is so exciting..but I hope in the future the artists could be given more freedom to explore and the industry would be willing to facilitate it.

Please give us prediction, how long this trend will last, mas?

Based on my forecast hahaha.. this trend will last quite a while… a lot of new brands are up and so are the new young art talents, many are surfacing.

Obligatory question.  Why would you collabs with MCC? 

Well this one is a must-collab-with for me… hahaha… because from the beginning I knew this brand, I instantly had a ‘crush’… and to me Mujiono is one brand that I have been observing and think will succeed living in the cycling scene and what’s also important is to keep the scene alive.. so to me the opportunity to collab with Mujiono is an honor.. and I hope I get to have that opportunity again in the future.

Back to Woof. Why did Woof pick the theme ‘Jakarta’? What do you want to convey and what’s your hope? 

It is simply because I was born, I grew up and I live in this city… but honestly, my feeling is between love and hate towards this city… hahaha… I just hope that Jakarta can be a more exciting city.

Mas Gibran, you’ve been active in several movements related to cycling. Do you have any wishes for the cycling world and the industries behind it?

Well it’s like what I said earlier… I hope those who involve can contribute to the whole scene… and not just for several selected communities that they live in.

There are many components from cycling that can be turned into art medium. What do you think could be possibly worked on? 

Well for this issue, any medium can be worked on… it will be very exciting, I personally think… to make a piece from something you enjoy or like… less pressure and honest.

If you get to choose, during cycling what will you be doing: hanging out, having culinary trip or racing?

First I’ll be hanging out and then we’ll be racing to the culinary spots hahaha…

Lastly, please recommend your favorite cycling track!

All tracks are my favorite… because every spot gets to be special when you pass it by cycling.. you will feel special attachment to the streets or the lanes you go through… cool!

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